Updated MCAT schedule in full.


2016-07-01 12.22.42 1.jpg

HI GUYS! SO, here is my updated and much more specific MCAT schedule to get content covered in about a month/slightly over. I have received requests to post a specific schedule so here you go!

During this month, I am also doing 2 rounds of Section Banks , 1 round of question packs and other random practice from company stuff. So, this calendar only shoes the “content”part.

Let me be clear: This is MY schedule. Screenshot, do what you will but I am not standing by anything that says this is THE way, just MY WAY.

Also, this is a VERY INTENSE schedule and probably not good if you aren’t a naturual born crammer where you cram but actually understand (shoutout to GOD). No shame. We all have talents and deficiencies. Heck, I know I do. I am just putting that out there. Also, if you like having a life- this isn’t the schedule for you anyway 😥


quick disclaimer: i made this schedule from a strategic approach-what I think is highest yield/based on what subjects I could integrate best at each moment within this schedule (i.e carbs chem/biochem on same day)

If you have questions: e-mail works better than DM’s



2016-07-01 12.23.32 1.jpg


2016-07-01 12.23.41 1.jpg


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


love for medicine


2 responses to “Updated MCAT schedule in full.

  1. Hi! Thanks for the great post ♡
    I was willing to write a long comment telling you my story in attempt to maybe getting some motivation from you by asking what your story was, but then i realised it would just be boring 😝 I mean, its not yet a complete story because im still trying to enter med school. This year im studying just for the exams and even though i just started, im quite nervous.
    So, anyways, i was wondering if you could tell your story… you are in medicine now right? On a previous picture you said you had done college twice?
    I hope this isnt an inconvenient question… 😝 And that it made sense !
    Thank you! ♡


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